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Tips for a perfect CV

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Creating a CV is an important milestone in every successful corporate life. Your CV reflects not only your accomplishments and achievements but also you as an individual and an aspiring professional.

Therefore, let us help you by disseminating some pointers whose adherence will help you in creating the perfect CV:

1. The layout of your CV is a critical part: A well crafted CV will enable you to be shortlisted for interviews. Make sure your CV covers vital aspects of your career. Irrelevant jargon should be avoided. It is suggested that your CV should not exceed 1 page in order to make it look compact.

2. Be concise yet informative: The document should be organized chronologically so that it’s conducive to get an overview of an individual’s working career. The order must be adhered to in order to facilitate a coherent structure. To make your CV stand out make it a point that you have an objective that highlights what purpose you will serve to the organisation.

3. The key points you write about your experience and skills must match those required for the job as advertised: Make sure it’s packed with keywords that your target employers will want to see, to instantly grab their attention.

4. Proofreading is a must: Spelling and grammatical errors don’t make a great first impression. Your CV is the first assessment of your communicational prowess. Make sure you provide a profoundly favourable impression.

5. Spend quality time on your CV: Demonstrating how you are applicable for the role, showing your transferable skills and giving examples to exhibit this. A well crafted CV often represents the difference between elation and dejection. Imbibing these pointers in your CV will enable you to attain the edge your corporate career demands.

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