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We at S.G.T.B. Khalsa College believe that a great educational system enables thinking intensively and critically, building the intellect as well as the caliber of an individual, and we are delighted to have graduates who exemplify this philosophy in every way. We have consistently produced pioneers, trendsetters, and innovators – from all walks of life – who have arrived at noteworthy statures in their professions, making the institution proud. This platform aspires to serve as an interactive networking and information exchange medium for the students of our college.

Alma Mater Calling

Our institution is extremely delighted to be associated with such a phenomenally large number of illustrious individuals who have not just excelled themselves in diverse professions but also have reached the pinnacle of success. The counsel and assistance of former students of the college will be of utmost value to the current students, as they have encountered and conquered comparable obstacles in their chosen careers.


This is an entreaty to all the alumni to take their juniors under their wing and assist them in accomplishing their professional objectives by filling out the following form and reconnecting with the college community.

Would your current employer be interested in hiring students from S.G.T.B. Khalsa College?
How would you like to contribute towards this initiative?

Thanks for submitting!

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