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Welcome to Ignite, The Placement Cell of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, a place that gives students the opportunity to associate themselves with the best of Khalsa and bolster their growth prospects. 

As placement cell members, we play an important role in helping students build a strong foundation for their professional careers ahead. We thrive to bridge the gap between students and recruiters, easing the procedure of recruitment for the companies and at the same time guiding the students and ensuring the best for them. In addition to bringing a varied list of recruiters to the campus, we also organize talks, study abroad seminars, and skill enhancement workshops for the collective student body.

Let’s do this, together.

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How We Support You?

The Opportunities

Ignite gives you a chance to communicate with eminent and well-established organizations of the corporate world and cultivate a genial relationship with them. It teaches you to thrive better under tough situations involving a lot of pressure, and thus, facilitates your holistic development and emergence as a true leader. The learning opportunities you get here are genuinely unrivaled and one-of-a-kind.


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The Experience

Your excursion with Ignite will be an insightful and memorable learning experience where you will get a chance to inculcate crucial soft skills such as working in a team and problem-solving. This will allow for an overall comprehensive development, making your corporate world-ready.

The Work Culture

Each day feels like it couldn't have been better. You may get a chance to interact with new people, solve a unique set of problems or acquire a brand new skill. There is no end to the learning here. At Ignite we encourage transparency and two-way communication to ensure a comfortable and positive work environment for all our members.

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The People

Here you will get a chance to work with and learn from a team of career-driven and motivated individuals. Working with such unique and ambitious people will help you foster social relationships and peer learning. The values, the experiences, and the memories you make will be worth your time.

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Join a community of fearless, hardworking, and talented individuals,

not just a college society.

How We Challenge You?

The Responsibility 

Our work as the placement cell has direct implications on the future of the student body of the college. Networking with leading companies and fostering relations with HR for campus recruitments is hence an onerous task that must be dealt with complete sincerity. 

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The Protocols

You would be expected to maintain a strict code of conduct and professionalism while interacting with HRs of reputed companies. This is of utmost importance as the members of Ignite represent the college in the corporate world. 

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The Teamwork 

At ignite, people with varied backgrounds and opinions work together to formulate plans into executable goals.  We expect the new recruits to work as a team and maintain the unity that Ignite stands for. 

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The Deadlines

Completing the given tasks before deadlines and contemplating the intricate procedure of both recruitment and placement is a challenge that one has to take for the smooth functioning of the society.

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Are you ready to take control of your future, but still have questions?

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