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Anubhava is an All India Online Internship Fair, hosted every year by Ignite-The Placement Cell of S.G.T.B. Khalsa College with immense honour and ardour. The fair highlights remarkable profiles in an assortment of areas including finance, consulting, banking, research, analytics, and many more. Its emphasis on versatile approach makes it the perfect facilitator of a student’s integrated development by connecting them with renowned employers.

The fourth edition of Anubhava produced incredible outcomes that outweighed the entirety of all the previous years’ achievements. We started with 500+ registrations during Anubhava 1.0 which surged to 3700 in the latest edition. For a good measure, an eight fold increase in the number of applications was also perceived. Even in the difficult stretches, the fair provided a perpetual amount of opportunities to the students all over India. Showcasing 103 profiles offered by 141 companies, Anubhava 5.0 witnessed exemplary increase in the number of companies tapping the talent, thereupon making it the Largest Internship Fair across Delhi- NCR.

Corporate Convention

To give a sneak peak into the changing dynamics of Enterprises, Work and the Workplace, Ignite - The Placement Cell organised a virtual event named Corporate Convention. It served as an ideal platform for corporate pioneers from diverse backgrounds to come together to interact and share their perspectives on the constantly advancing face of the corporate world providing useful insights to budding leaders of tomorrow on adapting and building influence in this dynamic world.

The "Future of Jobs" webinar discussed the ways in which technology and automation are impacting the job market. Topics covered included the types of jobs that are likely to be in high demand in the coming years, the skills that will be necessary for workers to remain competitive, and strategies for individuals and organizations to adapt to the changing job market. The event featured expert speakers from a variety of industries who shared their insights and experiences. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions about the future of work. Overall, the webinar provided valuable information and perspective on the changing job landscape.

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In order to help students refine their decisions about career, LAKSHYA, a virtual career counseling event was organised by the Placement Cell on 25 & 26 November, 2021. This event served as a platform for young minds to interact with eminent personalities from a variety of backgrounds. The experiences shared by them, played a key role in inspiring and assisted them in illuminating their career paths, attuned to the best of their capabilities. The event proved to be immensely successful, effectively allowing students to realize their true potential and find work that aligns with their natural inclinations.


Acies is an event that brings together successful business pioneers from a variety of disciplines to assist students prepare for the corporate world. From guest lectures to regular webinars, this initiative seeks to furnish a platform to accomplished business leaders who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields to share their ideas and guide students. Mr. Gagan Singh, an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus with a remarkable 24-year corporate career was invited to lead a session on Guesstimates. A wide range of subjects was discussed in this seminar, including "Common Errors in Guesstimates" and the "VASCO 5-Step Approach to Solving Guesstimates". After the immense success of the first session, we welcomed Dr. Shubhra Chakraborty, CEO and Founder of POSHAN and a Marketing Manager at Philips to speak about building a unique profile and share some insights on MBA selections and addressing PI interview questions.


Introduced in the month of June, Niti- strategize your way is the first ever case study and business quiz competition organised by Ignite - The Placement Cell. Niti aims to allows students to partake in the learning process in a dynamic way, rather than as inert receptacles for knowledge, and it gives students the opportunity to study real-life situations in order to solve complex, open-ended problems. So far, our past three editions have been a huge success, with over 1,700+ registrations, the competition attracted participants from prominent B-Schools, IIMs, IITs, and NITs.

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